Saturday, 14 November 2015

Double Page Feature Article

‘Nobody could have stopped me’

Jack York


Tears, tantrums, traumas Jack York has been through them all. After months of rehabilitation and counselling Jack York has finally got his life back on track and has a new album coming out in next September.

Hello Jack, it’s good to see you’re looking well again. So tell us, what was going through your head when you first went into rehab?

Honestly speaking, I don’t know. I felt a mixture of emotions and didn’t know what was going through my head. It felt like the drugs had over taken my body and I felt so depressed and down. I constantly felt like I didn’t want to be here and like I was isolated from my loved ones. So finally when I got the courage to go to rehab I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and that I could turn to someone for help.

So do you have everything under control now? Are you on any sort of medication?

I have my life back on track and have decided to bring out a brand new album next year. I’m currently taking my medication and I am really benefiting from it despite the awful side effects.

You have decided to bring out a new album in September next year. Why was this decision?

There’s a side of me what people rarely ever see. I always want to achieve more and see what else I can do to better myself so I thought bringing out another album would show people that I’m slowly getting my life back on track again. I also think bringing out another album would be a good way to take my mind off things and give me something else to focus my thoughts on.

Brilliant! So tell us Jack do you think you’ll remain drug free from now on?

Yes, most definitely. Being an addict was one of my biggest regrets in life. It made me feel depressed and worthless and it wasn’t a good experience and I definitely don’t want to go through it all again. But at the time nobody could have stopped me.


If you don’t mind us asking, what do you think made you go like this? Was it the divorce from Amelia Grace?

Me and Amelia will always remain good friends and we still have a good relationship because of our children. I don’t blame Amelia at all and she wasn’t the reason I turned to drugs. I just became depressed and I didn’t have anyone to love or care about in my life and I slowly started to deteriorate. I thought turning to drugs would be the right answer but luckily I have learned otherwise. 


You say you didn’t have anyone in your life to love or care about. Do you still feel this way?

I’m not currently in a relationship but I have my two beautiful children to love and care about.  I’m aware of the rumours that there may be something going on between me and my producer, Kate.

Yes, we heard that in last week’s Allure magazine. You were seen to be leaving hers at 4am last Saturday was this true?

Me and Kate are just very good friends and I see her as more of a shoulder to cry on. Kate is always there for me whenever I’m feeling down and she has helped me through remaining drug free. There is absolutely nothing going on between me and Kate she is already in a solid relationship and I don’t want to intervene with that.

Well Jack it’s been a pleasure talking to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we wish you the best of luck in the future and for your album next September.


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